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    Tams e-scripts

    Tams e-scripts is a digital version of the prompt book and provides the complete dialogue and lyrics for the show.

    Tams e-scripts costs $5 per show and allows you to review each script for 3 months on up to 3 devices.

    All materials contained in Tams e-scripts are for reading and evaluation purposes only, and are not to be used for performance. Scripts are non-printable and cannot be transferred to another format. Tams e-scripts is for scripts only. Vocal parts and scores are not available.

    Tams e-scripts is accessible from Android and iOS phones and tablets. (Not accessible from desktop computers.) Check out the Tams e-scripts page for more information.

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    Perusal Materials

    If you have requested perusal materials we will send you a book and score for all shows you have selected in your order form. Perusal materials may also include a CD of the cast album when supplies are available. Most perusals are shipped by priority mail or Federal Express within one to two business day of receipt of your request. Perusal materials are provided on a temporary basis only and must be returned within four weeks of the date on which your order form is submitted. There is no charge for the perusal materials, but you are responsible for the cost of mailing, handling and insurance charges for shipping the perusal materials both directions. We are lending you these perusal materials for the sole purpose of helping your school or organization decide if they would like to produce the play. Under no circumstances may you physically or digitally copy, reproduce, sell or distribute the perusal materials. Finally, if you like the show and want to present it don't forget to get a valid license. No show in our library may be produced or presented without a license from Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.


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